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10 Reasons to Become a Limited Company

Updated: Jan 5

Setting up business as a Limited Company involves a little more complexity with the formation process, and the financial and administrative responsibilities of running a Limited Company are greater than those of a Sole Trader or Partnership.

However, there are many benefits which Limited Companies have over the Sole Traders.

I’ve listed 10 strong advantages you can bear in mind when deciding what business structure to use for your own setup venture.

1: Taxation

2: Business Expenses

3: Personal Pensions

4: Distinct Entity

5: Limited Liabilities

6: Looking Professional

7: Raising Extra Funds

8: Protection

9: Having Shareholders

10: Leaving it Behind

If you’re unsure about choosing the right business structure, we'd be more that happy to unpack the pros and cons. Speak with our business team today, and we’ll make sure of which business model works the best for you. call 01325 313380

Please Check out our blog post on the 7 steps to setting up as a Limited Company.

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